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Reasons Why

• Nearly eight in 10 Oregon families with the lowest incomes pay more than half their income for housing.

• Only one in four households with the lowest incomes in Oregon has access to existing affordable and available rental units.

• One in seven Oregonians and more than one in six children lived in poverty in 2009.

• A worker earning minimum wage in Oregon had to work more than ten hours a day, seven days a week just to afford a two bedroom apartment in Oregon.

• If the average household in a project-based Section 8 unit in Oregon had to pay the state median gross rent, they would only have $29 per month left for necessities such as food and healthcare.

• More than one in ten Oregonians were unemployed during 2010.

Source: 2011 Network for Oregon Affordable Housing

Resources and Facts

View an updated map of properties preserved, 2007-2015

Read our fact sheets about our efforts to preserve affordable housing, as well as projects which were recently preserved and renovated in Portland, Lincoln City, and Monmouth

Read Preserving Oregon’s Affordable Rental Housing: Progress Report, March 2011.

The City of Portland is celebrating the success of their 11 x 13 campaign, which preserved eleven buildings by 2013. Read the report or an article on the project.

Prepared Reports

The following reports were prepared using data from the Preservation Database.

At Risk Properties by Legislative District (updated semi-annually)
At-Risk Properties by Congressional District (updated semi-annually)
Subsidy Contracts Expiring in the next twelve months (Excel file, updated quarterly)
Maturing USDA Rural Development Mortgages (Excel file)
Lost properties (Excel file, updated annually)
Total Projects Preserved 2006 - 2015
Projects Preserved State-Wide*  198** 
Total Units    8,747
Rent Assisted Units    7,334
State Funds Invested   $ 121,385,971*** 
Other Capital Sources   $ 690,768,649**** 
Total Project Costs   $ 812,154,620
Federal Subsidy Retained   $ 997,732,832
Average Resident Annual Household Income   $ 10,197
Construction Costs $ 273,293,901
* Properties are located in 77 Oregon cities and towns
** This includes 131 subsidized multi-family properties and 13 manufactured home communities which received funding from OHCS and 58 projects in which owners extended their contracts for twenty-years.
***State funds invested include Housing Preservation funds, General Housing Account Program Funds, Trust Fund and Low-Income Weatherization Funds.
****Other capital sources include Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits, bonds, private debt and equity, other federal and/or local funds.