“Since 2007, the Legislature has committed significant resources to help preserve homes across the state. These properties, located in 64 cities and towns, in every part of Oregon provide safe, stable, and affordable homes to seniors, people with disabilities, and families just starting out.”
— Betsy Johnson, State Senator, District 16

Welcome to Preserve Oregon Housing


Here you will find resources and a database, generous partners and expert teams, all dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable Oregonians, at-risk of losing their homes, are able to remain in stable and affordable housing.

Our goal is to ensure we keep the safe, affordable housing that currently exists in Oregon. Our goal is to preserve affordable housing propoerties with expiring federal rental assistance contracts and public housing across Oregon.

The Oregon Housing Preservation Project exists to preserve expiring federal rent subsidies that make possible affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. The non-renewal of these subsidies could lead to dramatic rent increases or condo conversions, and threaten the welfare of Oregonians dependent on affordable housing.

Our primary purpose is to provide technical expertise and short-term loans to buyers and owners during the renovation, sale or purchase of at-risk properties.

We hope you make good use of the backing accessible to you, as result of the extraordinary cooperation of housing experts and banks, foundations and nonprofits, local and state agencies.